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Essentially rooted in Principles of Inner Sciences of yoga and rich culture of the land , our gently engineered structures provide a suitable situation to every individual to orient his life towards the infinite possibility, that he is. 

Regular Programs



"Exploring the infinite
possibility of being human."

" Before i came to Shivanga, I was having hard time, fighting my depression.  This program had really been a magical experience for me. My life has become so beautiful and fresh, like i have taken a new birth. The introductory program Shivanga offers is highly rejuvenating. It will make you fall in love with life. "

~Saanjh Sardana, (Interior Designer)


Health Programs

5 Program


# We are starting sessions for Chronic Ailment cure. Register now!

" My whole life i was searching for something, but couldn't figure out what! When i came here, I found answer to that. "

~Vineet Mehta (Businessman)

1. Live life to the fullest.

2. Say bye bye to doctor visits.

3. Create your life the way you want.

4. Improve relationships.

5.  Break your limitations and fear.